Friday, 21 August 2015

Being Online Being Connected - Faster

I have been online only for the past 5 years. I guess I was late to jump on the internet bus. I was not internet savvy in my college days nor did I get interested in it after.

It was only when I got married and moved to Dubai with my husband in 2010 that I realized its potential. My husband introduced me to email and FB along with internet voip calling (our primary means of communicating with family back home)

AND I discovered a new world all together since FB introduced me to so many new things including Youtube. I was hooked on to the laptop for the entire day while my hubby was away in office. I got addicted to FB conversations, contests and YouTube videos.

Life did change when I came back to India in 2011. Living with in-laws I could not spend much time with the laptop but the smartphone came to my rescue J

It offered me the joy of online entertainment albeit on a smaller screen size. It was a trade-off but it was OK. It did not trouble me much.

The thing that troubled me most was the internet speed. I was used to better speeds in Dubai and the speed in India was not that great. On the mobile, it was even worse. Waiting for a video to buffer and start streaming is a dampener. Those are dull moments in an otherwise interesting day.

But I have lived. Transitioning from 2G to 3G was a welcome change and the wait got shorter. Photos downloaded instantly and the buffering for videos became rare.

Then came the HD videos and the wait increased again as they were bandwidth heavy. I used to crib about the speed to my hubby who would calmly explain that India is somehow catching up on the speed bandwagon and we kind of remain 10 years (or more) behind US in terms of internet connectivity and speed.

So … when I saw the latest ads and promotions by Airtel about their launch of 4G services in India … I am truly happy. I am just waiting to get onto the 4G bullet train.

Not only is Airtel the first telecom to launch 4G in India but they are doing it in 297 cities/towns at the same time. They are also delivering the new 4G capable sim to your doorsteps for free … you just need to tweet with their hashtag (#GetAirtel4G). Get more details about Airtel 4G at

I am looking forward to getting the new 4G sim .. and simultaneously working on getting my hubby to buy a new 4G capable mobile too. Since Airtel is offering 4G at 3G prices, getting 4G should not be a problem … and with my birthday coming up next month (Sept), getting a new 4G phone should not be a problem either .. heeheehee