Saturday, 28 February 2015

Non-destructive selling ... peace of mind

Cars are lifeline in the city and you can't really live without them. Even with the advent of the 'call cab' services, you hardly seem to get one when you need one right away. Too much is also not enough in a city like Mumbai.

The car in the family has also been an integral part. With 5 members, it was a close fit. With 3 of us 'squeezed' in the back seat (Me, Hubby and Bro-in-law) with MIL-FIL up in the front. I was just waiting for a new member to join our family so that I could justify asking hubby dear to get a new BIGGER car.

Daughter was born last year in May and that's when I started talking about a BIGGER car. Hubby was kind of dismissive at first about its need but gradually came around … BUT still not taking any active steps around it.

Recently, my Bro-in-law (BIL) was was engaged and now that the family will have one more 'adult' addition, my request for a BIGGER car suddenly became noticeable and logical too.

To get a new car, 2 things need to be arranged. One – The Monies. Two – Parking Space.

The answer to both (at least partially) was to sell off the old one to make place for new one. All agreed.

Trouble now is about selling it. Hubby travels for work and cannot afford to get involved in the selling hassle (or lets say, does not want to get involved). BIL is busy trying to woo his fiancé and his phone is busy connecting to hers so I cannot expect him to take the calls from potential buyers. MIL and FIL are out of question and I am not really great with car-gyan. If someone called me and asked something, I wouldn't know. It was a strict no from Hubby and BIL to have phone calls directed at time during their work hours.

So I almost came to a dead end … when I heard (and I think I even saw a TV/Online ad) about Quickr Nxt. This new app from Quikr allows you to mask / hide your phone number from potential buyers (what a relief). Now you can sell online and the ones who are interested chat with you over the app. No pesly phone calls and since it is chat, you can reply when convenient (unlike a phone call, where you got to reply immediately). Oh such a timely thing.

I got BIL to install the app and have asked him to put the ad about our car on Quikr. He is happy as long as people don't call him and he can respond to people when convenient (read: when he is not busy chating/talking/coochy-cooing with his fiancé)

So all's well that goes well … thanks to Quikr