Tuesday, 20 December 2011



I had never been to a bowling alley before my marriage and it was one of the things that me and my husband had put on the things-to-do-after-marriage list.

We did get a chance to go but it happened only after going to Dubai. The bowling alley was on the 24th floor of a building (hubby said he had never seen a bowling alley that was NOT on the Ground floor)

He told me that he would teach me … so he went first and showed me how to select the ball (go for the lightest he said), how to stand, how to swing the ball and finally how to throw it (taking care that the fingers are out of the holes in the ball when the ball is released from the hand or it will be disastrous).

Looked easy

He hit the pins and some of them fell down. He showed it to me once again and told me that each player got 2 chances to down all the 10 pins. And then he asked me to do it.

I did.

And ….

All the Pins went down on my first ever bowling attempt.

I looked at him … to ask what do I do now in the second chance since none of the pins were standing. He was standing there looking at the fallen pins with his mouth wide open. I was worried that I has done something wrong and all he did was turn to me and ask "Jhooth bolti ho" (You lied).

Well … he then explained that what I had just managed to do was called a 'Strike' and all players aim for a strike but it's not so easy and requires quite a lot of practice! Now I understood his expression and open mouth.

Well … It was a pretty unique experience for me … it was something like a hole-in-one shot of Golf (as described by my hubby)

The rest of the evening was fine. I managed a couple of more strikes while he struggled and managed none J  

Monday, 12 December 2011

Busy Busy and Sad

Have been busy with a marriage in the family so no updates for quite a few days ...
Hubby was supposed to return from him trip in 10 days ...
ts already 16 days now and he is still stuck due to some immigration/visa process :(
Life and its twists and turns ...
He missed the wedding ... And the wedding lost its charm and importance for me ...
So for whom do I dress up and make up and get decked ... would have loved to have him around ...
I would have enjoyed the wedding had he been around ... without him ... fun is no fun at all ...
SAD :(