Saturday, 26 October 2013

Smart Suraksha Tips


Safety is one of the most important aspects of a girl's / women's life these days. Every women needs to step out of the comfort of her home. The risk of being subject of anti-social elements is on a rise nowadays. The Delhi and Mumbai rape cases and the countless other rape cases across the country are a mute and loud proof of the same.

So here are some quick tips … more as a reminder for you since I am sure you would have read plenty of safety tips by now…


1. Be Alert. Be aware of your surrounding

2. Walk confidently and maintain a confidence posture

3. Don't be in lonely and deserted places. Crowds are safer.

4. While walking, don't keep your eyes glued to your phone screen or phone glued to your ears. Be alert of your surroundings.

5. Be it a mall or your office; if the parking area is deserted, request the security guard to accompany to your car (if you haven't already convinced your good friend or colleague to do so)

6. Learn some self-defense techniques – several seminars are organized these days for such quick 2 hour training which can come in handy

7. Keep someone informed of your whereabouts

8. Should never take a drink brought to you by a stranger

9. You don't have to update your whereabouts on FB and Twitter every time you arrive at a place. You might just make things simple for a stalker !!

10. Use your smart phone effectively. Install an app like Smart Suraksha which can send SOS message to pre-defined numbers with your help call as well as GPS location so that they can reach you.

11. Be aware of the objects in your purse / hand-bag so that you can use some as weapon if need arises. Your deo or pencil or eyeliner can be used to spray or poke in the attackers eyes.

12. Be Fit and healthy enough to RUN FAST !!!

13. Don't be too friendly with stranger – cab drivers etc. They may 'read' you otherwise and then indulge in mischief and then blame you for provoking them. We live in a bad bad world so better be careful and avoid.

14. Taking a radio taxi ensures that there is a record of driver name and cab details coming on your phone as sms which you can fwd to your family to keep them informed. Better still, call them up after taking the cab and give them cab number. The driver will hear you giving the cab number and not attempt mischief

15. Try not to get into empty buses or trains at night. For local train, it might be safer to travel in the gents compartment rather than an empty ladies compartment.

16. Never count cash in public. Avoid carrying too much cash.

17. Don't linger around after withdrawing cash from ATM. Get out of the place quickly.

18. If you can, avoid wearing heavy / expensive ornaments while commuting. Wear it closer to your destination if you must.

 19. If the robber or attacker is trying to snatch your bag … let go. Don't give him reason to strike you and cause you physical harm.

20. Don't worry and live Life to the fullest. Be happy and be cheerful. Be confident and safe.


I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at BlogAdda in association with the Smart Suraksha App