Friday, 14 September 2012

Airborne for Melbourne

A World Tour is always a top item in my List of Things to Do and the item has many bulleted points like Europe, Switzerland, US and so on.
Recently a friend of mine made an Australia visit and that added Australia to the list too ... in fact ... Australia got added at the top (alphabetically arranged list that is)
So here is my dream journey to Melbourne … a dream expressed through pictures that I found through Google Search and which provides all the info you may need for a visit to Melbourne. There is a wealth of info out there on those sites which will convince you to make a trip to Australia but I believe the pictures speak a million words so here I go …
The pictures here belong to the entire plethora of activities, places to visit, things to do etc and will give you an idea of the range of possibilities that Melbourne offers.

Someday the pictures I post will be clicked by my own camera and I will have tons of memories and stories to share related to each and every one of the hundreds of pics that I will click during my trip.
How I wish the trip happens soon enough ………while my inner voice screams with delight …………  ‘It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’
To sum up the Melbourne experience ... here is something interesting ...