Thursday, 30 August 2012

Love in Arranged Marriage

This was just one of the thoughts that came to my mind when my parents started talking about my marriage. I had been through the rigors of a marriage in my family … with an elder brother and sister ... but when it came to my turn, I felt completely unprepared.
With most people joking about Marriage being a bitter-sweet laddoo; one which you repent of you eat and repent if you don't; I was completely confused whether I should look forward to it or get scared.

I had seen many a debates between my college friends about Love and Arranged marriage (I being a silent spectator) with my own group equally divided with the stability and certainty of the arranged marriage and the excitement and adventure of the love marriage. During these discussions, I particularly remember one of our silent friends who would take a neutral stand about marriage saying that it hardly mattered how the marriage happened. Whether love or arranged was immaterial. What really matters is what comes after marriage. She often said something on the following lines…

My own experience of an arranged marriage is that my parents have found true love for me. The arranged marriage concept has worked well for me. In my hubby, I have found someone who is a pillar of stability, strength, understanding and immense amount of love. I often thank my parents for arranging my marriage with a person whom I love more than anyone else now.
I have wanted to write about this since a long time but somehow never did. The contest for Sony Channel's new serial "Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage" gave me a chance to write about it. Check out the serial's FB page at