Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fragrant Memories

Memories can hit you anywhere, anytime, anyhow. They arrive in waves and sometimes as singular events; inspired by things you see, hear and even smell.

Strangely, whenever I get the whiff of Fair & Lovely cream, I simply get nostalgic about my college going days.

A particular brand of perfume – Royal Mirage – takes me back to a party I attended. That was the first time I got the whiff of that perfume. Didn't know its name then and had no clue who had used it so couldn't ask. Years later during my visit to Dubai, I got the same fragrance in the airport shopping area and found out the name of the perfume.

The Johnson & Johnson baby powder reminds of the early childhood of my brother's kid … I literally raise him in his early years. Here, not just nostalgia but great longings and desires raise up their head.