Friday, 21 June 2013

The Reliance Digital Experience


Last weekend I visited the Reliance Digital store at Infinity Mall in Malad and it was quite an experience.

It was an interesting experience for me going to Reliance Digital for an in-store experience and not being 'given' the experience … I had to rather 'gather it myself' when I was asked to go around all by myself and then write about it. I had expected a guided tour which somehow wasn't a part of their plan it seems.

Nevertheless, I went around the store and looked at the various sections. I was surprised to find a Books section in a digital store and also found a dedicated Apple products counter missing. Physical books in a digital/electronics store seemed out of place. Apple has a huge fan following and it does deserve a space of its own. Do they expect the Apple fans to go all over the store searching for Apple products?

The store layout was decent with dedicated sections for different product types. I have always been fascinated by the TVs on display in electronic stores. I could spend hours gazing at the full wall with the bank of literally 20-40 TVs of different brands and sizes … all playing the same visual. I stood mesmerized and hypnotized by the flickering screens … my eyes jumping from one screen to another looking for differences in the rendering of the picture on different screens observing the difference in clarity, sharpness and color palette.

My overall experience of the store was good and if I had to buy an electronic gadget, I am sure to visit the store. I think I would find what I want and also have some guys who would be knowledgeable about the stuff.

The Reliance Digital experience was an interesting one although it could have been a much better one had there been someone who would have treated me as guest and given me a guided tour along with useful information about the store. I could almost feel that the guys out there weren't really interested in me after knowing that I was an Indiblogger visitor and began to ignore me.

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food from Kitchen's of India

A weekend party for me would be an all-girls party of the girls of my age and cadre from my family. So it will be my sister-laws and bhabhi's. The guys from the family have their evenings-out with food and drinks and we girls are left fuming at home.
For a change, when the guys plan out their weekend meet, we girls will plan out ours. The guys would meet up in a restaurant or pub, while we girls will meet up at one of our homes (in rotation, keeping in the spirit of the kitty-parties). If we had to cook for the party, then it would be less fun and some of us would eventually be busy preparing the food and serving and cleaning up afterwards. No one likes that. So the easy way out will be to have the Kitchen's of India range of ready-to-eat food options. Not that we won't have to prepare anything … Roti's will have to be made at home (the manufacturers or restaurants just don't make it like us)
So let's look at the menu …  with selections from Kitchens of India website -   
·        Rose or Khus Sherbet - Welcome Drink
·        Cheese Balls and Finger Chips – Appetizers / Starters (Home-made)
·        Mughlai Paneer (KOI pack)
·        Dal Bhukhara (KOI pack)
·        Phulka Rotis (Home Made)
·        Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa (KOI pack)
·        Apple Cinnamon Conserve (KOI products)   
·        Shredded mango Chutney (KOI products)
·        Vegetable BIryani (Made using KOI Masala Mix)
·        Mango Ice Cream (Home-made)
And why limit myself to this menu …  When I would buy these KOI products, they will send a Gourmet Indian Recipe CD to me. I will use this CD and look for more ideas for food delight at my all-girls party.