Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer Adventure in Thailand

I have been using sun-screen lotions and similar products for years … have tried several brands including Nivea, Lotus etc.

This summer when my hubby told me about a week long trip to Thailand to celebrate our second marriage anniversary; I was overjoyed at the thought but then immediately the fact that it was almost peak summer (month of May) reminded me of my summer adventure last year when I went parasailing and got back home all tanned.

Of course, sun screen lotions are there but they weren’t as effective as I thought them to be. Also, I needed something small and portable to carry on this trip. This is when the small Lakme Sun Expert caught my eye and I picked it up. It was ideal for carrying around in my purse on the trip.

During my Thailand trip, we spent considerable time out in the sun and my hat and Lakme Sun Expert were the only protection for my skin. It was summer in Thailand at this time and the temperatures were around 35 degrees with a pretty harsh sun. We visit to the Noong Nooch Village and went Parasailing and Jet Ski riding near Coral Island in Pattaya. We visited the Buddhist Temples (called Wat’s) and Marine Safari World in Bangkok (not to forget shopping).

All this would have taken its toll on my sensitive skin if not for Lakme Sun Expert and of course my hat. Guess, I am a convert now. The product is good and the convenience of the small bottle that easily fits the smallest purse I have, is a great boon for me. It is now a permanent inclusion in my purse contents.

Let me post some pictures of the trip … which show the total fun in the sun ... 

 With Elephants at Noong Nooch Village, Pattaya 

Love Blooms ... at Noong Nooch Village, Pattaya 

Ant Attack at Noong Nooch Village, Pattaya

Wats in the background at Noong Nooch Village, Pattaya

Prehistoric Mammoths at Noong Nooch Village, Pattaya

Coral Island, Pattaya 

Jet Ski fun at Coral Island, Pattaya 

Flying Fox ... from 55th floor of Pattaya Tower 


Safari World in Bangkok 

Safari World in Bangkok

Dolphin Show Safari World in Bangkok

Macaw Fun Safari World in Bangkok

End of Trip at Suwarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok 

Thanks to and Lakme ( for creating this opportunity to participate in a contest where I could showcase my Thai Pics and even try to win a cool Kindle J

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mobile Facebook



I was never an online person. It was only 2 years ago when I got engaged that I began realizing that there was this entirely different world of Internet which I had missed out on. I am sure you might be thinking "Who is this gal who did not know about Internet. Was she from a remote corner of the country?"


Nope. I am very much from India but my schooling and friend circle and even the family's financial condition did not allow an encounter with a computer. No PC, no internet.


When I got engaged, it was my fiancé who introduced me to internet and email. Once married, he told me about websites, online ticket bookings and email of course. As fate would have it, I had to travel to a distant land with my hubby and I was totally disconnected from my family, relatives and friends. Here 'disconnected' does not mean 'disconnected from internet' as most people would think these days. I was physically disconnected from the world I grew in and put into a strange land with everything unfamiliar.


My hubby introduced me to Facebook, Gmail video and audio chat, Skype and some VOIP services as means of connecting with family, relatives and friends. Found it difficult at first but gradually and surely got the hang of it. I began spending up to 6 hours online every day of the week (while hubby was away in office) and only during the weekend I would be off-line.


I was totally ADDICTED to this new world I had discovered. And then I discovered FB contests. I even a few contests and bagged some nice prizes.  This only meant that my addiction became even more pronounced with my online time increasing from 6 to almost 9 hours a day.


Life was cool and I was enjoying this new life … when Life took another turn (twist in the tale)


We came back to India and I had to take up the role of a 'ideal daughter-in-law' … I could no longer spend time in front of my laptop and on FB. I hardly went online on certain days. Life of a housewife under the 'guidance' of a mom-in-law is not really internet friendly J


This problem got resolved by my hubby by a solution which surprised himself (and of course, me too). He got me a internet connection on my phone (with a warning that mom-in-law should not find me peering into the mobile phone again and again. One complaint from Mom-in-Law and the connection would be withdrawn.


WOW !! I was back online. Of course, I wasn't online like I used to be earlier but still managed a 10 minute here and a 5 minute there on several occasions throughout the day. At night I would spend some time on the laptop (it is definitely more convenient on the laptop). But the mobile internet became a saviour for me. Now I am back on FB and Gmail/chat ….


This blog post was inspired by a contest on with support from Vodaphone


P.S. I wrote about my hubby being surprised by his own idea. Well, that is because in spite of being well versed with the internet for more than 20 years, he was never interested in using his mobile for internet surfing. So we both were surprised when he suggested that to me. In fact, he now has mobile internet BUT he got it on his phone AFTER he got it got it on My Phone J