Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back Seat Driving on 2 Wheels

Girls and Bikes are not something that go well together … unless we are talking about the back seat. Yes of course, there are exceptions and I have seen female bikers around but I am not from the exception category. I have been always on the backseat of the 2-wheeler troubling the one on the front seat with my back seat driving and instant feedback of their driving skills and the conditions of the road.

While I sit comfortably on the back seat, I am constantly bickering about the uncomfortable drive on the 2-wheels and my preference for the comfort of the air conditioned 4-wheeler!! I keep telling my brother and more recently my husband on how to drive and how bad drivers they are when they drive over speed breakers and pot holes.

I clutch onto their shirts and shoulders with dear life as the 2-wheels jump into and over the geological disturbances of the Mumbai roads. In fact, my hold on their shoulders tightens even in the anticipation of an upcoming pothole or sped breakers.

My husband often tells me that he feels the geology of Mumbai roads on his shoulders BEFORE he sees the actual pothole/speed-breaker. My husband is a 2-wheeler fan and although we have a car, he hasn't taken me out in his car even once.

Can you imagine that? Not even once has he driven me around in his car.

So that's about it … My biking and back seat driving experience. 

This post was inspired by a contest on in collaboration with Castrol Biking 

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mujhe Change Chahiye …

Oh there are so many things that I would like to change in this world …
Hunger for one - So many people sleep hungry and so many of them die every year due to malnutrition or hunger. Wish there could be a change which would take care of basic food requirements for all.
Financial Inequality – With sooooo much disparity between the ultra rich and ultra poor, there are so many problems in the society. Wish there was an equalizing mechanism in that. My hubby tells me that economic disparity is important and often the driver of growth.
Security for women – Women have stepped up in life and are now walking and working shoulder to shoulder with men. Yet, the cities are not safe for women travelling alone. They are in constant fear and danger of eve teasing, molestation, rape … I wish a change in the society's mindset so as to make the world safer for women. On second thought; not just women … the society should become safe for all its residents.
Personally …. I would love if the days became shorter and night became longer. I could dream more and spend a good part of my life in the dream world of my making. I love my sleep. This is one change which I would love to see. (My hubby says I should shift to one of the countries in the upper sections of the northern hemispheres; they actually have long nights and short days in winter)
Stayfree believes that it is time to bring about a positive change in the world around us. You can have a look here - in collaboration with Stayfree has come up with this contest where they want us to tell us what we would want to change around us! This blog post is an entry to this contest.